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For instance, if you have a particular method to code a specific action, make sure that all similar actions are done in the same manner. With this section concluded, you now have prettier, eslint and husky integrated in your code base. So every time you commit or push, it will execute a certain script or command — like run test cases or format your code. Just imagine if you where handed a code base of 20k lines of code to audit and improve. For example, grouping them all by what they are is a good way to go. It’s quite likely that you’ll have several types of the same object, so keep those all together in groups, and then maybe have a section for the miscellaneous ones underneath. how to write clean code in c# Developers frequently use the comment features to indicate the intent of a section in their own code or write code for their clients. While comments are really useful for illustrating what the code does, they also necessitate extra code upkeep.

How to Write Clean and Better Code?

My track record of many 5-star rated courses, more than 1,000,000 students worldwide as well as a successful YouTube channel is the best proof for that. Minimize the number of entities such as classes, methods, functions, and the like. A programmer is an author, but they might make the mistake in identifying the audience. The audience of a programmer is other programmers, not computers. If computers were the audience, then you might be writing the code in machine language.
The “Favor Readability” principle encourages you to write codes, which are machine, as well as human-readable. So that everyone on the team can understand and work on the project without confusion. In software development, you really need to be careful about your dependencies. If possible your dependencies should always be a singular direction. It means….let’s say we have a kitchen class that is dependent on a dishwasher class. As long as the dishwasher doesn’t also dependent on the kitchen class this is a one-directional dependency.

Birds of a feather group similar variables together

In this handbook we're going to talk about writing "clean" code. It's a topic that used to confuse me a bit when I was starting out as a programmer, and I find that it has many nuances and possible interpretations. Please download the complete source code attached at the top of this article. This is the same data that was used to create the Person object, but now it is represented as a JSON string. This framework allows you to serialize objects by using different serialization techniques such as binary serialization, XML serialization, or JSON serialization. This will create a package.json file for you inside the app folder. Sometimes we use nested loops that are difficult to understand. The way to handle that is to extract all loops into separate functions instead. This one is serious because others who see the code will be afraid to delete it because they do not know if it is there for a reason. Then when variable names or method names change, it gets irrelevant but still nobody deletes it. It can take some time to find a good name but it will save you and your team even more time in the future. And I am sure most readers have faced the situation where you visit your code only a few months later and have a hard time understanding what you did before. But this approach can lead to confusion and duplication, as it's not clear which files belong where. how to write cleaner code in C# While the code is very short and easy to write, it may not be immediately clear to other developers how the regex pattern works, especially if they are not familiar with regex syntax. It helps to ensure that code is functioning as expected and can catch errors early. OSAKA, Japan (AP) — Yuma Kagiyama of Japan upstaged two-time world champion and compatriot Shoma Uno on Friday to finish first in the men’s short program at the NHK Trophy. Binary serialization is the process of converting an object into a binary format. It is suitable for scenarios where the serialized data needs to be compact and efficient.
  • In Linux, we should define the above code with a small modification in the methods definitions and also object instance.
  • While comments are really useful for illustrating what the code does, they also necessitate extra code upkeep.
  • They do have a downside, though, because too much commenting can have the opposite effect and actually make for messier code.
  • When a function seems to need more than two or three arguments, it is likely that some of those arguments ought to be wrapped into a class of their own.
This helps to reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and avoid errors that can arise from using unnecessary data. When it comes to writing clean code, it's important to strike a balance between conciseness and clarity. While it's important to keep code concise to improve its readability and maintainability, it's equally important to ensure that the code is clear and easy to understand. how to write cleaner code in C# You should also limit a function or method to a single task. (Avoid using “and” in a method name, like “validateAndSave.” Instead, create two methods, one for validation and another for save). So, this book, "clean code", is always recommended by everyone. In this scenario, developers prefer “composition” instead of “inheritance,” as inheritance makes your codes inflexible to later modifications.

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