Closet office ideas: 10 clever ways to create home working space

It features two drawers and a cubby for extra storage and organization, helping to prevent a buildup of clutter. On top of that, the desk is wide enough to fit additional storage underneath without interfering with your desk chair. Boost storage by mounting a set of floating shelves above the desk area, and add stackable bins or boxes for office supplies and files. Store items you use daily at eye level and stash extra supplies up top.

Looking for a versatile desk that adapts to your work needs and includes a whiteboard? The Adjustable Desk With Whiteboard is here to revolutionize your workspace, streamline productivity, and ignite creativity. Say goodbye to rearranging and searching for a whiteboard, and hello to effortless work and quick scribbles of ideas.

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Writing desks, like this minimal Threshold desk from Target, are one of the best ways to fit a desk in a small space. These types of desks don’t have as much room to spread out and work particularly well for those who only use a laptop in their work setup. Imagine taking an ordinary wide, shallow closet and transforming it into really useful office space. That’s what Outfits & Outings did here, and they show you the whole process along with step by step photos. Measure the space and decide what size desk you want to fit into it.

how to make a closet into an office

Closet conversion is an excellent option for people who work from home and don’t have much space available in their homes. It can be done on a small budget, in just one weekend and is easy enough that even someone with no construction experience can do it. Desktop monitors are notoriously bulky, especially widescreen ones. If you have more than one on a cloffice desktop, there might be not enough space for your speakers or anything else. Mounting the monitor on the wall should resolve this issue.

Project step-by-step (

Not only does this seemingly normal closet open up to reveal an office, but it also hides a bold pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. The brilliant shade makes the cloffice feel like its own individual space, helping to set it apart from the rest of the room—and it doesn’t hurt that it’s incredibly fun, either. If you're looking for a converting closet to office classic design, try the Corrigan Studio Kweku Rectangle Writing Desk. This small desk comes in four finishes and two different lengths, giving you a more customizable option for your needs. Additionally, it features two built-in drawers for extra storage and plenty of tabletop space for a double monitor set-up, arts and crafts, and more.

  • I’m Elisa and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two little girls.
  • You might also want your craft machines, printer, or other electronics.
  • It’s the perfect spot to arrange books, keeping them accessible yet off of your workspace.
  • If this isn't possible, consider running an extension cord into the closet from a nearby outlet, Patterson suggests.
  • Of course, you can always go the simpler route and buy a wall-mounted desk pre-made.
  • "Writing desks are a great solution in a small office because they're minimal but still provide some storage for essentials," says Lucy Searle, Content Director, Real Homes.
  • If your closet didn’t come with built-in wooden shelves, drawers, and cabinets, this will be part of your project of turning the closet into a functional office.

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